Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sarah Is Back Building Websites

Hi everyone, It is Sarah here once again.

It has been a while since I have posted on this website and it is good to be back.  

I had to take some time off while my eye recovered from an operation.  What I did not expect to happen was for both eyes to be effected when only one was operated on, I was down to a metre and a half of clear vision and the rest of the world was a blur.  During that time all my websites went down and there was nothing I could do about it.  Well, after 18 months, I have the good eye back to a fair quality of sight, but the other one is going backwards so a new operation is coming up.  It will be fine!

The workshop is a bit dusty I have been away so long.  

Well not really, I made a big move from Tasmania to Mainland Australia.  They have trains over here and you can hear and feel them from miles away.  It took a little getting used to at first. The Trains lead direct into Melbourne and the trams make getting around fairly easy when I get there.  Just hope I find my way back to the train after going to the Eye Hospital in another two weeks.  

Everything here takes so long to get to, compared with Tasmania.  There, you are on top of the mountain with a fantastic view of the land and sea one minute and down at the waters edge in under half an hour.  Here there is nothing but land for as far as you can see.  What we used to call creeks, here they call rivers.  What we used to call shrub they call forest.  Where Tasmanians would welcome a newcomer into the community and were a friendly mob, here people keep to them selves, except for the few Tasmanians I have bumped into in the town.

I guess that is a blessing, because I have been planning websites.

Months of keyword research, finding good Domain names and sourcing plugins and themes for the new websites.  There is still a lot of work to be done before I even start writing.  I know I could put up a simple sight, sell a cheap ebook and build a list just like the other marketers, but I want my websites to be more.  I want them to give value to my customers.  By the time I have built and tested even these first four websites I am going to feel like an expert.

A website also requires products, either the type you give away, that link back to your website, just so customers don't forget who you are, or the big products you research and write or video that you sell.  This always takes time.  So in the mean time I have been sourcing lists of relevant affiliate products that I can sell on my sites.  

After all I have birds to feed and one day a house to build, or was that houses.

It is important to have a dream, something that keeps you motivated to stick to your goals. I dream of building a community for like minded people.  A group of houses with a huge a community gathering hall, with a workshop, barbecues and gardens with a fire pit where everyone can sit around at night and tell yarns or sing.  No one would know I built it, because I am just one of the group, just like everyone else.  Of course this will take a lot of money and my goal is to get it, even if I have to build lots of websites to do so.

You also need a belief in what you are doing, a clear picture even if it is written down on a large sheet of paper.  I have a large sketch pad for drawing up my plans, hard cover note books for recording research or taking notes and folders on the computer for all the products and files that I need to keep.  I use visual tick off lists to make sure things get done on each site I build.  This way things get done.

I had no idea how to build websites a short time ago, I would just write, try to use keywords that I was given by the so called teachers, who repeatedly resold the same websites to everyone and expected them to draw traffic to those websites, but copy cat websites do not work.  You have to almost rewrite your old content or get paid traffic to make any sales.  

That is not the way to get a website.

You must write unique content.  So it is handy to write about something you are passionate about.  When you read or see news articles or find information on your topic, you understand what is being said and you can give your impression about the topic  when you write website articles for your site.  

My first four websites all relate to each step in how to build websites yet they are different topics.  Here you are just getting a taste of what is to come.

It is important to keep the main theme of a website on one topic, with your categories related to the main theme.  Let me give you an example.  Your topic is apples, you can have a category for types of apples, on growing apples, even on cooking apples as long as you mention apples and relate each post to apples in some form or another.  (Of course I would use apples for an example, I know all about apples, I come from the "apple state" and we had orchards back then).  The point I want to get across is have one theme or niche for your website and stay on topic.

You can expand on this theory a bit if you plan on building a website on Fruit.  As you write about all the different types of fruit, how to grow all the different fruit or how to cook the fruit, you can tag every article that mentioned apples, or fruit trees rather than ground cover fruits or fruit jams and then all those articles would show up on the tag page, giving you more use of your website.  This is when planning your website takes on a whole new meaning and this is the type of website I am planning.  Not necessarily fruit though.  Then again!

As you can see there can be a lot to building an authority website.

So lets wrap this up.  Plan your website, research your topic and find keywords that get searched on your topic, but are not written about as much.  Find or build information products, in your niche that people are interested in that solve a problem and most of all keep your website relevant to the topic or theme of the website. Then there are graphics and videos you can make for your website.

Sarah's Workshop is designed to take you through these steps, so look out for various articles coming up and updates on the new websites I am building.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Legitimate Home Based Business - Sarah's Websites

Right at this moment the first Sarah's Websites are being built.  They are part of a massive legitimate home based business being developed by Sarah McLeod.

Years of learning have led to this legitimate home based business being developed and soon you will be able to get a look at the first websites in the series.

Keep a look out at Sarah's Websites main site for all details of each site as it is built.

You can also check out all the details behind Sarah's Websites at Sarah's Info Site

A legitimate home based business takes a lot of planning and Sarah has gained NIES backing while she builds her websites and starts to make a legitimate income.  A little support goes a long way!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I use my computer to store stuff, when I could make money with that stuff

How many times have you brought a product, or down loaded a good program and lost it on your computer. I use my computer to store stuff, but I try to keep programs in program folders, along with all the training and PDF's so I can find them later when I want to make money on that item.

As I research keywords and products for my sites, I use my computer to file the information under each subject so I can find it easily. Programs and PDF's get filed in a similar way

Problems start happening when you put everything in the one file and do not keep an index. Things can become very messy and even though you know you have a good product you can use to make money with, you have to remember the name and where you left it. Ouch!

I use my computer to do a search for the subject or phrases you remember from the product until you find the item. I then remove it from the location it is in and place it in an organized folder. Having your products sorted into groups of items makes finding a subject much easier than sifting through huge lists of items, especially when the title does not always tell you what the content of the item is.

I have a friend who teaches Website development for free and he has many training Videos and PDFs that I have downloaded. I use my computer to store these valuable training programs and as I download each one I use the computer to re label them so they are in order. It makes finding the right video and PDF an easy task and I can follow along and take notes easily and find the same item again because I have used the computer to keep every thing in order.

I hope you are able to organize your stuff on your computer by taking note of how I use my computer and I hope you make money from the stuff you find on your computer

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Using My New Computer to Rebuild All My Sites

There comes a time to reevaluate your sites and now I am using my computer to rebuild all my websites.

After making no money from the internet, I have had to re think what I am doing having websites up if they are not going to make me some income. I know how to set up sites, how to get targeted traffic, and how to produce good informative sites and products. I have been studying for some time, but I have never managed to put all I know together.

You know the scenario, you get side tracked going through email, the latest get rich thing that costs a fortune to join. Well enough is enough and I took down all my sites and I am redesigning a whole new concept of sites.

New hosting, new autoresponder, my new products, new everything! Fresh new ideas, following all the good SEO tactics to set up my sites. Each site is using a CMS and plugins to suit each site and SEO wordpress blogs to promote each of the sites.

As I am somewhat broke I have to do it all myself, but luckily I am not a total novice any more and I have some idea of what to do this time round. Each step is documented and yes there have been problems getting all my domains under one roof, and dealing with people who have no idea what they are doing. Lucky I do and I will not let people pull a fast one on me again. I have a plan and until I succeed there is no going back.

This first step in my plan is to get my first six websites paying, with a loyal team of followers. Offer unique content and fun sites, lots to do, not stagnant affiliate sites. You can't wait can you!

Well it won't get done if I stay here talking to you. Back to using the computer to rebuild my sites.

I will be back,


Sunday, March 23, 2008

I use my computer to download fresh products, you can too!

It is Easter and I use my computer to download fresh products, you can too! How?

The EasterJV2008 Giveaway is now on. Hundreds of new Products you would nornally pay for for FREE, like my Web Surfing Backpack program that I have been testing for over a year now..

You can also get a bargin on hundreds, or thousands of fresh products, some released for the first time.

The Easter Giveaway is only on until March 31, so get in there fast as it will take you some time to look through and download the items you want.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I use my computer to do Research for the New Website

I have been so busy, I use my computer to do my Research for the New Website, and every once in a while I stop in on the forums to see what people really want, so I can address that on the new website.

The main website is a sales page for many programs and my members area is designed to show my down line, or anyone for that matter, how to add targeted content to their websites and produce a website that will get much more targeted traffic from the search engines.

The idea is to build many revenue streams that link to your site based on niche themes relevant to your website. A big mouthful, but given simple guidelines new people with no knowledge can learn and share their experiences.

The members area is also a social area where members can team up and help each other, promote each others products or bounce ideas around.

The main aim is to show people the simple things to help them get started. how to add content or a banner to an existing website. How to add a Blog or an article site or forum. How to track your sites performance. How to edit graphics or add videos.

How to research top keywords and find the kind of subjects people want information on. The most important way to get good listings in the search engines is to target high traffic keyword phrases with little or no competition and produce quality information relevant to that topic. You then need to get your article listed and linked back to your website.

My research has shown me that not a lot of people know how to write an article, let alone a series of articles and a hugely lesser amount of people know about targeted keyword phrases for their articles or websites.

My research has shown me that there are many people who have no idea how to produce a simple web page, or add simple scripts to their page, but with the use of WYSIWYG editors you do not need to know a great Deal to produce a website. Yes it may take time to get your site exactly how you want it, but it is worth the effort.

So many Hosts have everything you need all ready set up on the servers, so all you have to do is click in to Fantastico to add a word press Blog, which is the simplest way to build a website. You can go on to add Hypervre sites to your site, or if you are more adventurous you can add shopping carts to sell items, bookstores, membership sites and much more.

My aim is to show people how, and it is free. If I forget how to do something, produce a video, find the right research places, use my autoresponder I have a ready to go resource to use with all the instructions there. If this could help me then it could help thousands of other people too.

What do I get out of it? I get to learn from others as they learn from me. There is no expectation that anyone will buy any thing, as I have tried to put all the resources, many free, directly on the site. You can download a free WYSIWYG editor, and many of the resources have a trial version that will get you started. Many of the Programs that you can join are free, and I show you how to use them. There is no use having a program if you do not know how to use it, so as time permits I plan to put together a series of videos showing you how to use those programs we use.

I have many of thousands of products available if there is something you need, so yes I would like it if you spent a dollar once in a while, the choice is yours.

As I use my computer for Research for the New Website, I notice that new people interested in making some income on the Internet are getting treated unfairly. What may seem like a silly question to some people in the know, may be a simple question to someone who does not know and they deserve to get a straight answer. I have seen these poor people get treated very badly, I have also been the victim of this sarcasm and there is no need for it. I hope to give my members total respect as I would like from them.

I still have a long way to go to get my site ready, but from what I see, It can't be too soon.

Hang in there Team, because I hope to give you a resource you will want to come back to over and over again.

Best wishes Sarah-Ann McLeod.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

To use my computer for internet, I need speed.

To use my computer for internet, I need a computer with speed, and my laptop has got to the point of no return, in fact if it went any slower it would go backwards. My Mum's old 16 color IBM computer goes 10 times faster.

For two years I worked with my trusty laptop, handy to cart around and light enough to take anywhere, but! As the months went by it got slower and slower, no cleaning or defraging would get it to go any faster, even spider solitaire slowed right down to a click--click --click, so sad. Mind you I have had it working day and night for the last two years.

Yesterday I picked up my new PC, turned it on after carefully reading every instruction as I got it out of the box. Whamo! it came to life in seconds, loaded a few programs, Wizz bang! and it was done. It has 2Gb of ram, a 500 Gb of storage I haven't got used to Vista yet, but I had the internet going in no time, my portable hard drive that I used with the laptop works wonderfully and last night my younger son, his girlfriend and I watched "Iceage" in brilliant color on the wide screen monitor. I have access to my websites again!

With any new computer, now comes the hard work of setting up the computer, of course I'll set it up better than the laptop and planning which programs to keep and which to discard is hard. My compassion is websites and designing good sites takes a lot of background work, graphics, ebooks, video and audio, html, templates, banners, keyword research, article research, niche research, submitting, promoting and guess what, there is a program for every thing. How many printers do I have? Which digital camera had the good graphics program? Back up the old email for taxation purposes, and how do I transfer my email client list? What about my Skype contacts?

Luckily I saved all my program files on the portable hard drive and all I have to do is execute them all again, find passwords again, and o-oh! did I keep notes on every program in my "notes on sites" file? Working on the internet, whether for fun or business means keeping up with many many things and as you will find out too if you ever have to change computers it takes many programs and files to organize.

Lucky for me all my Web site membership sites, passwords and logins have been saved in a program I had built last year, just for that job. It can be saved and loaded over the freshly loaded program. When you have hundreds of sites and affiliate programs to watch you need such software. Just in case you were wondering, a copy will be available when my new site is released, just as soon as I can get this computer into action.

The laptop is not lost forever, it will have every program removed, especially internet security which uses a lot of energy and get a new tune up so I can use my computer as a simple notebook for library research or the family tree. As for the old IBM, there are a pair of little girls next door who may get a beginners computer for Christmas.

Enough talking, I have to use my computer to get my new website finished, I have been Googled all ready and now rank 7th for one keyword phrase, with no advertising or back links and I bet you all can't wait to learn more.

HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY and think of me working away using my computer to finish your new free information membership site for people who Work from Home. In fact anyone with a website or blog will find the information I am putting together for you very handy.